Most Popular Easter Socks For Gnome Making

Most Popular Easter Socks For Gnome Making

Most Popular Easter Socks For Gnome Making

We have been getting a TON of messages asking where we get some of the socks for our gnomies so I thought setting up a blog on our website might be a great way to share some of our favorites with you each season! Just a heads up for the sake of transparency, many of the links in this post and future posts will be affiliate links and if you purchase through our links, we will make a small referral fee!

If you haven't already, you can purchase our digital Easter bunny gnome making pattern here. It will give you all of the instructions for making a Home Sweet Easter Bunny Gnome! 

Here are some of our favorite socks used to create our Easter bunny gnomes!

These little polka dot guys are so springy! They come in a pack so you can grab a few adorable colors at once and each leg warmer can be used for two hats if you cut them carefully. You can find various colors on Amazon here. The only thing we have found with these leg warmers is that they have a little bit less stretch that some of the others we have used, so they are best sewn with the smallest seam allowance that you can! 



If you're after adorable spring stripes like this cute guy, you can find a cute pack with yellow, pink, orange, blue, green, and red on Amazon here.


Another one of our favorite springy sock packs was used to make these three guys and we just loved how they turned out! These socks have a little bit less stretch, like the polka dot guys above, so sew them with the smallest seam allowance you can. You can find them on Amazon here. 

Last but not least one of our customer favorites from this season have been our bumble bee gnomes! You can find black and gold/yellow socks here.


Here is another link to some adorable polka dot socks & stripes that I have on order, but haven't had a chance to try yet.  I will update as soon as I get them on Monday! The link may not take you directly to the polka dots or stripes so click through the different options to find them here.

Many of our most popular socks come from Amazon and Walmart in their holiday sock section, though we do hunt around all over for them! The sock hunt is half the fun of the gnome making! 

One of the best tips that I can give when hunting for socks for gnomies would be to find socks that are adult sized or if you are ordering leg warmers make sure they are as large as possible.  Newborn sized leg warmers will NOT work with our gnome body pattern. If you grab a sock and it doesn't feel pretty stretchy, sew it with the smallest seam allowance you can.  Because of the stretch, you will likely never make one too large if you are following the pattern for our gnome bodies.  Also make sure you pay attention to the patterns on the socks.  The sock cuff will end up being the bottom of the hat so many of the patterns end up upside down! 

We hope this helps to give you some ideas and inspiration for making your Easter bunny gnomes!!  Let us know in the comments, what other socks you are trying to find and we will do our best to help! 


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