Gnome Drop Tips!

If you're having a hard time mastering the drops and grabbing your favorite gnomes, here are a few tips that may help! 

♥ Pick out your favorite gnome/s ahead so you know which ones you want to go for before the drop starts. You can find a drop preview posted on our Facebook page and Instagram stories the morning/early afternoon before drops. There is no time to browse once the gnomes are posted because they sell out so quick.

Create a Home Sweet Gnome account ahead of time here.

♥ A few minutes ahead of the drop, have the drop webpage open and refresh just after the clock hits 6:30 PM MDT and GO QUICK! The gnomes usually sell out in minutes. 

♥ There is no limit to the number of gnomes you can buy, but adding a gnome to your cart DOES NOT hold it or ensure that no one else can't buy it.  Whoever completes the payment process first gets the gnome.  We have seen the most success when someone adds one gnome to their cart, completes checkout, then goes back for a second gnome on a second transaction.  If you add a second gnome to your cart before checking out, you will more than likely lose it. Make sure you use the coupon code COMBINE on the second order to remove the second shipping charge. If you use the COMBINE code when only one order is placed, you will be responsible for paying the shipping before your order is shipped out.

♥ When you go through the checkout process for the first time, check the "save my information for a faster checkout" box for a quicker checkout process on the next drop.

♥ Lastly, if you end up not being able to grab a gnome, please, PLEASE do not let it ruin your day! We know you love these little bearded friends, but there are other ways to grab a gnome, so don't let it get to you.  You can find the other ways to grab a Home Sweet gnome here.