What kind of kits do you have?

We have two different options for our DIY gnome making kits.  A "sew at home" version and a "no sewing required" version. 

Sew at home kits require a sewing machine to complete. 

No sewing required kits have all of the pieces pre-sewn in our studio before shipment.


What is included in each kit?

Each kit includes a downloadable, digital PDF tutorial and all of the supplies needed to make ONE Home Sweet Gnome EXCEPT for rice & fiber fill stuffing. You will need to supply those items on your own. 


What tools do I need to complete my kit?

- sewing machine, thread, and pins (for the sew at home kit only)
- scissors
- wire cutters
- hot glue gun & glue sticks
- a pencil


How long does it take for a DIY kit to be shipped out? 

Current production time for our DIY kits is about 5-7 business days. This may vary depending on our current order volume, so always check at the top of the kit drop page before ordering your DIY kit.   


Where can I find info on shipping & returns?  

You can find shipping and return information here. 


What do I do if I can't find my digital tutorial link through my email after purchasing? 

You should have received an email link to download the PDF instruction book just after placing your order, but if you can't find the email, you can have it resent here. If the PDF download link still does not arrive, please email us at Be sure to include your order number with your email so we can assist you quicker.


How much are the kits?

Sew at home (I need a pattern) - $27.99
Sew at home (I already have a pattern) - $18.99
No sewing required (pieces are pre-sewn in our studio) - $27.99

 *prices may vary slightly for kits with more embellishments/parts like our bunny gnomes or Santa gnomes. 


Why are there two different prices on the "Sew at Home" DIY kit? 

When you first start making "Sew at Home" Home Sweet Gnomes, you will be required to purchase a PDF digital pattern to create them.  The more expensive version of the "Sew at Home" kit listing includes the digital pattern.  After you have purchased the more expensive option once and have the pattern (or have purchased the digital pattern on our website separately), you will be able to select the "I already have a pattern" option for kits in the future. 


How big are the finished gnomes? 

The gnomes completed from our kits measure 8-14" tall and are 2.5"-3" wide at the base depending on how you form the hat and variations in sewing. 


Will every gnome be exactly the same size? 

We cut and sew every sock hat, body pattern, and beard by hand.  Because of the handmade nature of our items, each piece may vary slightly.  This should not be viewed as a flaw, but rather a little bit of variation that makes each and every gnome unique! 


What are mystery kits? 

A mystery kit is just that, a mystery! You will receive the supplies to make one HSG just as with our normal gnome making kit, but the pattern/color/beard will be a complete mystery! Many of our mystery kits are holiday or color themed and you can find this information in each kit listing.  We also occasionally offer kits that are a complete mystery from any holiday/pattern/color to purge our stock at a super discounted price! 


What sewing level is required to make a "Sew at Home" kit?

Our sew at home kits are best for advanced beginners.  Most of the sewing required is beginner level, but sewing the round base to the cylindrical body is a little bit tricky.  After you purchase your kit, join our Home Sweet Gnome VIP group on Facebook for video tutorials and extra help!


What minimum age do you recommend your gnomes for?

Our gnome making kits are perfect for a mother daughter craft or girls night out.  We recommend the kits for children ages 8+ with some adult assistance. 


Are the finished gnomes okay for children?

The gnomes are meant to be shelf sitters. While they can withstand a gentle hug every now and then, noses and other small parts can pose a choking hazard and they are not designed to withstand the daily love of a child. The gnomes are meant to watch over the children or families similar to an Elf on the Shelf. 


Do you offer your kits at wholesale pricing? 

We do not currently sell our kits wholesale, but if you would like to be emailed if we ever decide to branch out and add this to our business plan, please email us at and we will get you added to our info list. 


Where do you buy your fur? How about socks? 

As you can imagine, it has taken us a lot of time and research for us to source quality materials for our gnomes.  While we do not give out specific supplier information, we order some of our faux fur from different Etsy sellers (try searching "long pile faux fur") and many of our socks/leg warmers from Amazon, Walmart, and other large retailers. We are also opening up a gnome making supply shop in mid-January 2020 which will include many of the supplies needed to make a Home Sweet Gnome sold separately!


Do you have a subscription box? 

We do not currently offer a subscription box for our DIY gnome making kits.